Buy the NHS a pint!


Buy the NHS a pint!

With a pandemic on our doorstep and our NHS workers hitting the frontlines to protect us all, we knew we wanted to support them. Whilst we don’t have an abundance of PPE or raw materials to donate, we do have a warehouse full of beer.

Being an independent business and brewery, fighting to keep everything we’ve built alive – we landed on one simple idea. Pay a pint forward for someone in the NHS. Our NHS workers are laying their lives on the line to provide critical care to those most in need of it during this tumultuous time. They are true heroes that deserve to be rewarded once this crisis has passed.

Each pint paid forward will add to a bar tab on our taproom till system. Once our taproom is back up and running, anyone from the NHS and by extension any volunteer signed up to help, can pop in, show their ID and redeem their pint.

If after three months the tab hasn’t been finished, we will donate the full remainder to an NHS charity of choice.

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